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This is the larger and often more programmatic work we offer to intentionally impact the organization as a whole. Much of our work is customized, as we work with organizations large and small, public and private, as well as government agencies and nonprofits. Being a community of creative professionals, we offer some creative services you may not see in a more traditional consulting firm.

Rapid Growth and Emerging Companies
We are big fans of Verne Harnish and some of his teachings in the arena of fast growth and emerging companies. That said, we have great versatility to offer targeted programs that support what you need to seize the opportunity you have and run with it. We love working with young, bright people and companies on the move.
Simplified Strategic Planning
Our approach to strategic planning pulls from the Rockefeller Habits written by Verne Harnish. Overall, we believe simplification in a complicated and over-informed world makes great sense and the simplified plan forces laser like thinking. These are often one or two day offsites in a unique location.
Culture Transformation
We all are proficient with the Denison Culture Survey, a brilliant, data oriented assessment which will give you a very clear understanding of where you culture is today. Broken into four quadrants: mission, consistency, involvement, and adaptability, it is tied to a well-researched and broad data base that links your culture scores to performance. We have two community members who are Denison Round Table members, a small select group of consultants who actively work with Denison Consulting out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Voice of the Customer
This is a structured program involving engineers and product owners getting customer feedback into the design process. This VOC has lead to award-winning new product introductions in many industries. Structured yet flexible, this work builds customer loyalty and products that are quickly received with enthusiasm.
Innovation as a Competitive Advantage
We offer several approaches to inspiring innovation to become embedded in your culture as a strength. In the ideation space, we have a software-assisted process that is both fun to run and appropriately challenging. From a culture perspective, we use Denison Culture Survey data to design programs that are empowering and engaging with inspiring rewards in place. Ideation without implementation is often a cultural issue veiled as something structural or competency based. We work together to get you where you need to be with innovation.
Organizational Sustainability
We have two profoundly qualified members of our team who are passionate about your sustainable future. Whether you need a keynote speaker, a program, or a think tank, we can facilitate the right conversation leading to measurable action and desired results.
Leadership Development
Along with coaching, we offer customized year-long leadership programs. What sets our programs apart is the consistency we offer in common language and common tools.  Everyone in our leadership programs has a year-long business objective project and an accountability partner to support the success of what they’ve created and declared. In this way, we combine developing leaders with achieving desired business results.
We offer top-notch, affordable video work that has proven to be effective in coordination and integration, kicking off culture campaigns, helping employees know who their executives are and what they stand for, core values brought to life, and more.
Additional Creative Services
We also offer creative services for ad campaigns, culture campaigns, marketing assistance, sales meetings, and leadership messaging. This may take place in the form of copywriting, brainstorming, idea infusion, better use of technology, and more.

Organizational Impact lives in two questions: Are we a learning organization? and Is what we are learning having the impact needed to move us forward?

"An organization's ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage." -Jack Welch

"It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure." -Bill Gates