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Our Team

Leb Tannenbaum/ Founder, CEO

Culture guy. Listener. Purposeful. Lifelong learner. Leader. Follower. Hearty. Creative. Strategic. Coachable coach. Illuminator. Humble. Strong. Tenacious. Father of seven.

“…blending performance-based culture work with clear strategic planning and leadership development for sustainable growth…”


Leb Tannenbaum blends an extensive organization development consulting background with the real-time experience of being an “inside” executive in three highly successful companies over the past 25 years. With deep roots in organizational development and change management, Leb specializes in executive level coaching, leadership development, culture development, team formation and development, and all aspects of integration and acquisition work.


Leb empowers individuals and organizations to move to their next level of growth. His average length of engagement has been three to five years. Clients he has worked with include Hughes Space and Communication, the Oregon Department of Transportation, American Express Financial Services, Banfield the Pet Hospital, Micropump Corporation, Mentor Graphics, OrCAD, and Cadence Design Systems.


As a consultant, Leb has specialized in creating cultures of distinction. At OrCAD, Leb held the position of Vice President of Integration and Development (of acquisitions and people). Leb held this position until OrCAD was acquired by Cadence Design Systems in August of 1999. At Cadence, he launched the opening of Cadence University and was responsible for training and developing over 200 executives worldwide. During his three-and-a-half years as dean of the Executive College, Leb was also involved in hands-on integration work with over twelve acquisitions, both hardware- and software-related.


Leb also consulted with Banfield Pet Hospital, the world’s largest animal health company, for two years before leaving consulting again to be their chief learning officer. While at Banfield, Leb led the executive 360 feedback process using Denison tools and personally coached over half of the 12-person executive leadership team members.


He has spoken and delivered workshops in conferences large and small. He is licensed in the use of Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence tools. Leb attended Gary Hamel’s first ever Innovation Academy. He is very familiar with the use of Myers Briggs in team development settings. Leb also uses StrengthFinders 2.0 in his executive coaching work.
Finally, Leb is the proud father of five boys and two girls, along with a girl the whole family sponsors through Compassion International. He is a volunteer basketball coach and teaches leadership to 18- to 19-year-olds at LifeSchool in his home state of Oregon.


Jean Brittingham/ Founder, COO

Passionate change agent. Sustainability Maven. Ideator. Integrator. Implementor. Pattern seeker. Navigator. Lover of oceans and waves.

In nature, innovation is greatest (and most successful) where meadow meets forest or forest meets riverbank. Innovation thrives where diversity is greatest. In organizations fostering inclusion, diversity and appreciation can create more innovation, build employee fulfillment and assure a great culture.


I work with clients to help bring life to their cultures, seeking the balance between structure and chaos, and allowing innovation at the fringe to grow and develop while building a culture that values and delivers innovative solutions, products and business models.


My thirty years of experience has ranged from state agencies to sustainability startups. Along the way I have had the opportunity to work with creatives, engineers, technologists, finance leaders, managers and executives. Through all of it, I have come to believe that by focusing on trust, inclusiveness, collaborative design, diversity and innovation, organizations can achieve their project and business goals while building a potent and resilient culture.


I cut my organizational development “teeth” in engineering organizations and learned that if you want very logical individuals to shift you have to provide a strong project management focus and bring analytical skills to bear. Applying this discipline has allowed me to help clients enter into the realm of transformational change through an framework that is aligned not only with their vision and values, but also their operational reality.


I have worked extensively with clients across a broad spectrum including Nike, the University of Cambridge, the states of Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, CH2M Hill, numerous cities and small businesses in the US, several ministries in Japan, the US Business Council for Sustainable Development, the World Economic Council, and Katerva, a unique non-profit focused on finding and scaling sustainable innovations. I seek culture shift programs that include performance metrics and business outcomes as the key measures of success.


I have written extensively on the role of women in sustainability and innovation, the role of sustainability in the future of the world, and the critical success factors for successful projects and programs. I have extensive experience in executive and performance coaching and believe that coaching is a key part of organizational effectiveness. All development is personal development, and the best coaching happens in a context of creating the greatest opportunity for success for all involved.


I am an unabashed foodie and love the Northwest equally for its incredible outdoors and amazing restaurants. I am always seeking to be a better sailor, and my husband and I are planning a grand sailing adventure. Hopefully, the boat will be done by then!


Patsy Feeman/ Senior Associate

Design thinker. Strategist who implements. Collaborative innovator. Inspires new perspectives. Listens with heart. Adventurer by nature.

Patsy is a highly accomplished organizational change strategist and design thinker, who applies a systems approach to business problem solving and leadership development to help human-centric organizations flourish. She is a trusted advisor to executives, teams, and individuals committed to transforming their internal environments while building cooperative partnerships across key stakeholder groups, empowering them to take a future-oriented approach that addresses complex business problems. With a background in design management and ontology, Patsy is passionate about helping organizations clarify strategies, build capacity, and embrace dynamic change for breakthrough results that create strategic value.


Those who have worked with Patsy refer to her as a skilled and compassionate listener who builds trusting relationships, works collaboratively, values diversity, and has a keen ability to get to the heart of the matter to help people realize their full potential to contribute. She is known as a strategic thinker with a “roll up your sleeves”, hands-on, tactical approach, a person who drives measurable value through clearly articulating needs, and bringing out the best in people and processes to achieve desired business results.


Patsy currently runs her own consulting company focused on strategy, business results, and executive coaching. She is also a partner at GlobalEdge Solutions where she helps companies align sustainable practices with business goals and strategies. As a Principal at LionHeart Consulting for ten years, Patsy co-facilitated leadership programs and coached top leaders and senior managers in regional organizations to achieve business results with transformational leadership. Previously with The Rouse Company, and her own design management company, she led design efforts on large-scale, one-of-a-kind urban mixed-use projects and world fairs across the U.S.


Diane Murray-Fleck / Senior Associate

Pathfinder. Change agent. Energy-shifter. A native New Yorker with a sharp wit who believes every day is a turning point.

Diane believes if we can change the way people view leadership we can change the world. She offers an unconventional perspective that leadership isn’t something we have or don’t have. It’s a choice. When you approach leadership from this perspective it doesn’t matter what you do, it matters more WHY you do it. Because it’s all based on how people think and act, this unique view of the world has application in big business and small business, in politics and nonprofit organizations.
Diane has been coaching and training leaders for years with a value-based leadership for over a decade, helping them turn their greatest issues and conflicts into their greatest learning opportunities. Leadership centered in core values allows you to be dramatically more effective in getting what you want. Diane’s most recent corporate work has been in providing leadership programming for US Bank, Fluid Market Strategies, National Veterinary Associates, and Habitat for Humanity.


Kristiina Hiukka / Senior Associate

Facilitator of Innovation Leadership. Inspired Initiator. Interculturist. Coach. Connector. Convener. Consul. Bottom line: Know Thyself.

Kristiina Hiukka’s consulting, facilitating, coaching, training programs and speaking engagements are always a mix of her passions for Leadership, the Human Element of Innovation, Organizational Culture, Collaboration, Communication and Gender Intelligence. The cornerstone of her coaching philosophy is the ancient call to action: “Know Thyself”. She also believes that the best innovation leadership is based on diversity of thought, and a balanced mix of positivity and productivity.

She is known for having founded and led two innovation summits (Women in Innovation Summit 2012 and Converge@Seattle Pacific Northwest Innovation Summit 2014) that have convened business leaders, legislators, innovators, entrepreneurs and experts to explore opportunities to transform the ways we live and work.

Kristiina loves to support CEO’s who are committed to the long-term sustainability of their organization. These leaders invest in women leaders in their companies. For 25 years she has worked with leaders and facilitated team retreats in organizations of all sizes (for example, from financial giants like Bank of America to a local credit union Verity, and from tech startups to giants like Microsoft, and from non profits like American Red Cross to Finnish School of Seattle), and spoken at conferences around the world. She teaches Leadership at Bellevue College.

A native of Finland but also a citizen of the US and a resident of Bellevue, Washington for over 20 years, Kristiina serves as Honorary Vice Consul of Finland for Washington State. Kristiina has a Master’s degree in Speech Communication and English Philology, and professional coaching credentials from the Coaches Training Institute and International Coach Federation. Among others, she is certified in Team Diagnostic Assessment, ChangeWorks and Taylor Protocols. Kristiina is an author of two books. More at:,

Twitter: @kristiinahiukka and @ininnovation


Chelley Patterson / Senior Associate

Authenticity advocate. Pathfinder. Boundary spanner. Synergy sleuth. Transformative coach. Closet nerd.

Chelley infuses her corporate consulting, leadership coaching, and team facilitation with a rich understanding of organizational science and best practices research. In her 30-something years in the industry, she’s worked with a range of sectors including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, energy, higher education, and government. Clients appreciate her compassion, positivity, and wit — plus her ability to translate science-based approaches into practical business solutions. Stretching between playfully creative and seriously analytical, Chelley strives to enable and inspire everything from small, positive improvements in day-to-day workplace interactions to big operational, financial and cultural breakthroughs.


About You

You are our most important asset. If you look with us into our past, you will see we have worked with organizations both large and small, public and private. Each of these organizations are made up of individuals with a deep desire to do well, be successful and make a contribution. So, you matter to us.

  • You may be a collection of individuals working in a culture that “needs some help.”

  • You may be unclear about the vision of your company and its strategic direction.

  • You may have just been promoted or hired and would benefit from having a coach help you be successful in your new role.

  • You may be caught up in a merger or acquisition and wanting new tools and support on change and transition.

  • You may be an executive team needing to work more effectively together.

  • You may be in a low trust situation and want to better build and manage trust at work.

"New Legends has done a great job at Strategic planning and leadership coaching. I have found them to have high integrity and a unique ability to understand complex business issues and recommend simple solutions."

Kevin Wann - Owner Pacific Lifestyle Home