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Legendary performance demands disciplined effort.

Coaching is the proven methodology. It’s not the only way, but a great way to develop and step up!

We talk to a lot of leaders who refer to having “bench strength”, which requires keeping a close watch on who can and will step up. We can improve your bench. Our coaching philosophy includes the belief that “no one is a finished product”. Together, we work to strengthen each individual’s strengths and target areas in need of improvement. We accomplish this in many ways:

StepUp! Coaching for Newly Promoted Executives
That first step to becoming a VP is bigger than it seems. We provide a safe and solid coaching development process specifically designed for the individual and the position to which they’ve been promoted.
StepUp! Coaching for Leadership Development
We don’t confuse being a leader with simply having a title. Leadership development coaching takes on many forms, each with a specific focus. What we offer is a committed coach dedicated to the leader’s success. This may or may not include 360-degree feedback, and other types of assessments, from which a solid plan can be built.
StepUp! Performance Coaching
There are times throughout the journey of a leader when performance becomes an issue. There are also times when a stretch goal is set, and the only way one can meet expectations is with outside perspective and a very focused development plan. We come alongside individuals as a resource they can count on to get the job done.
StepUp! M&A Integration Coaching
Mergers and acquisitions bring with them a unique set of challenges, especially at the management and executive levels. What if you’ve inherited a team previously led by someone who is no longer in the company? What if you are now leading a team twice the size you once had, and half of the new team came from another culture? We have many ways to coach and lend support in what can be a challenging time of transition.
StepUp! Onboarding Coaching
Executives who come into a new organization may make unintended and avoidable “mistakes”’, especially in the first 90 days of their entrance. Using culture data, 90-day planning tools, and change and transition methodologies, we can help accelerate the effectiveness of the leader as they enter their new opportunity.
StepUp! Coach Training
Many executives tell us they want coaching to be a core competency in their organization. We offer “basic training” in coaching that gives the organization common language and common tools for all to use in coaching. We see coaching as an “inquiry based” process. We offer Coach Training as an interactive process tailored to increase your coaching skills and meet your organization’s needs.

“Why do 85% of all Mergers and Acquisitions fail to meet stated expectations?”

"When mergers throw in a new combination of technologies, new ownership and governance structures, and a different leadership style and history, ...the the Holy Grail... of synergy becomes harder and harder to attain. In the words of one M&A veteran: "Buying is fun;merging is hell." - Denison, Hooiberg, Lane and Lief from Leading Culture Change in Global Organizations, Aligning Culture and Strategy.

"Difficulty in aligning these deep- rooted cultural differences is one of the main reasons that many mergers are unable to deliver on their promise."
- Marks, Mitchell Lee,and Mirvis, Philip H. Joining Forces: Making One Plus One Equal Three in Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances.