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Culture Survey

Curious about your organization’s culture? Wondering how well you know your own organization? Some say culture is “how we do things around here” and “what binds us together.” How well will you score on this culture quiz? Are you rockstars? (9-12 yes) Maybe you’re just a cover band? (5-9 yes) Quite possibly, you still can’t get past the bouncer! (0-4 yes) Whatever category you fall into, we’ve got solutions in mind, and years of experience to offer.

Culture is important to both you and your clients. The stories, myths, and artifacts repeated over time help author the culture you are currently living with. High scoring culture organizations outperform low scoring cultures. We’ll help you navigate through current reality to reach a place of clear understanding, a common ground upon which you can design and build a dynamic culture. Time to get a plan in place? We can help.

This simple survey below is designed to capture a snapshot of where your organization’s culture may be right now. Take the survey. We’ll be happy to talk to you about creating a culture by design that can deliver smiles and desired results over time.