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The courage to lead. The wisdom to succeed.

New Legends is an intentionally creative consulting community. We offer a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in designing winning cultures, developing great leaders, facilitating simplified, strategic planning and achieving desired results.


Our goal is to help you define, design and effectively build a culture that attracts and retains top talent. What good is a strategy that your culture can’t deliver? We can help you craft a strategic plan that is simplified, focused and deliverable.


Leaders have the largest impact on an organization’s culture. We work with you to develop your leaders within a framework of cultural, technical and emotional intelligence.


Now imagine a great culture, great leadership, and a strategy everyone can understand and stand up for; that’s the makings of a legendary organization.

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Culture by Design

Every organization has a story to tell. And everyone wants their story to be legendary. Our stories help weave the fabric of culture within our company.

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Leadership Development

Our philosophy includes the belief that “no one is a finished product” and “leaders exist at every level.”

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Strategy & Results

Similar to most organizations we work with, we organize ourselves to meet your needs. Coaching is most often a selection of one of us working one-on-one with one of you.

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Organizations with great cultures outperform.
Is your organizational culture by design or default?

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